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PRIDE OF THE NORTHSIDE 4 on 4 StreetBall Tournament
THANK YOU From the Pride of the North

Thank you to everyone that supported the 2019 Pride of the Northside Tournament. 

Congratulations to our champions!

  • U11 Division: The Splash Brothers
  • U15: Black Gold Ballers
  • Women’s Division: The Sabres
  • U18 Division: Dreams and Nightmares
  • Adult Division: The Shottas

Thank you to all of our sponsors this year: 

The University of Alberta Golden Bears Basketball team, University of Alberta Athletics, Press’d Sandwiches, Love Pizza, Save on Foods (Namao and Londonderry), Cross Point Church, Basketball Alberta, Concordia University (Edmonton), MacEwan Men’s basketball, Mr. Blain Labranche (Enhance Basketball Academy), Mr. Harman and Jamie Bhatti (Bhatti Realty), Mr. Andrew Champagnie (Champz Trucking Company), Mr. Jordan Zabloski (Sterling Realty), Dr. Johnathan Skuba, Mr. Babafunso Alakija (Smatts), Mr. Jamie Schtay (Avenue Downtown), Mr. Bashir Mohammed, Londonderry Junior High School, Pivotal Physiotherapy, ME. Lazerte High School. 

Thank you to all of our volunteers: 

Jamaal Bucknor, Ryan Dunkley, Meesh, Jordan Zabloski, Ken and Bernice Graham, Angie Tomlinson, Kendra Parker, David and Steve Parker, Dr. Claudia Parker, Jaylin “DJ January”, Cross Point Church, M.E.Lazerte Men’s and Women’s basketball. 

Thank you all for making our 2019 Pride of the Northside tournament a great success! 


Mr. Andrew. G. Parker (A.G.P)

Rules and Regulations
1. Games will be played up to 16 points with each basket scored inside of the 3 point line being worth 1, and each shot taken behind the three point line being worth 2 points

2. There will be a 20-25 minute time limit for each game. If the game is tied after 25 minutes then the first team to score a basket wins.

3. Each player has unlimited fouls and cannot foul out the game

4. If a team commits 6 team fouls, one free throw is awarded for each foul after the 6th

5. Any foul made in the act of shooting will result in a foul shot. If a player makes the basket while in the act of shooting the player will get the point and a free throw as well, whether it’s a 2 pointer or a single point, they will receive the extra free throw in the act of shooting.

6. Each team is entitled to one (2 minute) time out per game.

7. Substitutions can be made at any dead ball situation in the game-but no subbing on the fly (i.e during play).

8. Technical fouls will result in 2 free throws and possession of the ball for the other team.

9. Championship games will go as follows: The 18 and over division will be played up to 25 points, no time limit. The middle and lower age groups will be played up to 25 points-with a 30 minute time limit. In the championship game (in all divisions), both teams will be entitled to 2 timeouts. All Awards for Champions and runner ups for all divisions will be given in an award ceremony after the 18 and over championship.

10. If you are not registered on a team in the tournament, you cannot play, under any circumstances. (i.e. if a team is missing players they cannot add new players, no exceptions,)

11. You must sign the referees-players sign up sheet, before you or your team can play each game. All players must sign the sheet as proof of team membership)

12. Teams are allowed 5 players, 4 must be present to play the game. If only 3 players are present at the start of the game, then both teams are allowed to play 3 on 3. 
13. If only 2 players are present from a team, the team in question must forfeit the game. ****(only in extreme cases will tournament organizers reschedule the game, or adjust the rule, but only if the opponent agrees)

14. Once your team has been eliminated from the playoffs, no members from that team can join teams who have successfully advanced in the playoffs, (i.e. if your team lost in the quarter finals, you cannot join a team that advanced to the semis, no exceptions). 

15. At any given point in time, The referee can pause the game (or take a 'referee's time out') to address issues he or she feels that are necessary to address. Any issues of disrespect towards referees or staff can result in ejection from the game, and subsequently from the tournament.

16. All Playoff games are single elimination.

17. Spectators cannot negatively interfere with other teams, staff or other spectators. If they are fans, friends or family related to the teams in question, and continually cause an issue they (as well as the team they are supporting) will be asked to leave the tournament grounds.

18. There is no “Over and back” rule. You may take a step or two from the half court line because the tournament courts are condensed.

*****(There will be a Police Presence for the entire weekend as well as Security on staff to monitor and ensure the safety of both the players and spectators of the tournament)*****

Slam Dunk Contest Rules

* 3 rounds, for both the 18 and over dunk age group and the 18 and under age group
* Each player will be allowed 2 dunks per round, and the dunk must go through the net to be counted
* There is no time limit
* 4 dunk attempts will be allowed per round,
* After the second round the top 2 Dunkers will advance to the finals

3-point contest Rules (Only 1 member from your team can participate in the 3 point competition, all other members must rebound the ball for your team's shooter)

* 3 rounds, for all ages, 13-15, 15-18, and 18 and over age groups
* 2 contestants will shoot at the same time on opposite ends of the court
* The person with the most points at the end of 1 minute advance to the next round
* The top 8 shooters advance to the next round, the top 4 from the top 8 advance to the next round and the top 2 shooters advance to the final round



Annually, The Pride of the Northside will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the tournament to the Stollery Children’s hospital via the Dunk on Disease Foundation. The Dunk on Disease foundation was created by David Adomako Ansah, a long time patient of the Stollery Children's Hospital. After undergoing a heart transplant surgery, David selflessly devoted his life to helping children who were in need of vital medical assistance. His foundation originally began as a basketball game which helped fundraise for the kids at the hospital but it has now become a foundation that gives everyone a chance to give back financially and on a community awareness level. On June 10, 2013 David passed away due to complications related to Lupus. David was a very dear friend of the Pride of the Northside’s director Andrew Parker and Andrew and the entire staff of Pride of the Northside aim to continue David’s support of the Stollery hospital each year of the tournament. 

The Pride of the Northside has also named the Most Valuable Player award the “David Adomako-Ansah Award” in honor of our beloved team mate, leader, and champion of the A.G.P Squad. If you are unable to attend the tournament this year, and you wish to support the Dunk on Disease foundation, please contact sadomako@ualberta.ca for more information on how to donate to this amazing cause. Let’s all keep David’s spirit alive by continuing his support for the kids in the city of Edmonton.


  A Tribute to the life of David Adomako-Ansah

Volunteering, Sponsorship, Donating and Helping out
If you would like to be an official sponsor or an independent donor to our tournament please email: Andrew.Parker@epsb.ca or please feel free to call our Tournament hotline: 780-289-5133

Also, If you are interested in becoming part of our Tournament staff or if you are interested in volunteering your time to the Pride of the Northside, please email: Andrew.Parker@epsb.ca
**(Requests for letters of reference are available after the conclusion of your service to our tournament and our community).