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Andrew Gersham Parker (B.A, B.Ed) also known as A.G.P was born in North Edmonton in 1983. As the son of Jamaican and Grenadian parents, Andrew was heavily influenced by track and field, soccer, and other outdoor sports. But in the year 2000 Andrew attended M.E. Lazerte high school where he developed his passion for the game of basketball under the guidance of his hero and coach Thom Elniski. After graduating from M.E. Lazerte High school Andrew attended Concordia University College of Alberta where he was heavily recruited for his legendary slam dunking skills and received a scholarship to play basketball for 2 years.  While at Concordia, Andrew achieved the honour of being named the Rookie of the year and he also received the silver medal in the Provincial final (a feat until that date had never been accomplished in school history). After his second year studying at Concordia, Andrew took his talent and intellect to the University of Alberta where he again received a scholarship to play basketball and was named the Most Valuable Player in the 2007 Golden Bears Invitational Tournament. 

Upon completing his Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Alberta, Andrew decided to take his talent to the professional level. Playing basketball all over the world with stops in Germany, Brazil, France and the United States, he continues to play basketball at the professional level with the Edmonton Energy professional basketball team. In addition to his obligations with the Edmonton team, Andrew has also coached college basketball at MacEwan University (2011-2014), and in the past 10 years Andrew has been involved with motivational speaking, community activism, scouting and individual training of Elementary, Junior high, High school, and various college and university players. 

Andrew is currently teaching at M.E.Lazerte and volunteering, coaching with both the junior and senior men’s basketball teams at M.E Lazerte high school. He is the founder and director of the “Pride of the Northisde” Tournament (A community outreach event in North Edmonton promoting positive involvement from the community through the game of basketball). Also, Andrew runs “A.G.P basketball clinics” in Edmonton to help children of all ages develop basketball and life skills. As a proud member of Edmonton’s sports community, a mentor to children, and as a professional basketball player, Andrew continues to leave his imprint on the community and the game of basketball in Edmonton.


Coach Thom Elniski
There is one person who had the most influential role in Andrew's basketball career: Coach Thom Elniski. Thom Stanley Elniski was a high school men's basketball coach at M.E.Lazerte high school in North Edmonton Alberta Canada. Coach Thom met Andrew at a M.E.Lazerte basketball practice in 1996. Andrew's brothers Stephen Parker (CIS national champion/Edmonton Lawyer) and David Parker (commercial Realtor) were members of the men's basketball program and Andrew had tagged along that day to see his brothers play. That chance encounter was the beginning of a coaching relationship that changed Andrew's life forever. Below is a video of Andrew explaining his relationship with coach Thom Elniski.
A look at the life of Thom Elniski

M.E.Lazerte a Tribute to Thom Elniski Part 1

M.E.Lazerte a Tribute to Thom Elniski Part 2

The Thom Elniski memorial tournament
M.E.Lazerte High school holds the annual Thom Elniksi Tournament which celebrates the life of coach Elniski and his dedication to the students he taught and coached. Andrew has been a part of the tournament for a number of years and holds a special place in his heart for M.E.Lazerte and coach Thom. Below are a few clips of past Thom Elniski tournament's. Enjoy!

2011 Thom Elniski tournament

2013 Thom Elniski Tournament

2014 Thom Elniski Tournament