Join the A.G.P movement
As a coach, teacher, leader and mentor Andrew strives to express the importance of an education, the desire for self-betterment, and aiming to live up to the acronym that shares the initials of his name: A.G.P (or Always Gaining Progress). Members of this movement amicably called the “A.G.P Squad”, aim each day to follow 5 basic principles. 
1. Never forget where you are from
2. Work hard and stay positive
3. Learn from failure in order to succeed
4. Quitters never win and winners never quit
5. Anything is possible

The A.G.P Squad can be found all over the globe. Germany, Uganda, Eritrea, Somalia, Haiti, Lebanon, China, Jamaica, Grenada, The United Kingdom, The United States, Brazil, and Canada. Each country has been touched by the A.G.P movement. Here are some pictures of the A.G.P Squad around the world.

A.G.P Squad Shirts

To purchase an A.G.P Squad shirt and become a member you can order shirts by emailing agparker@ualberta.ca and following the details below.
  • Please specify the size you need: Small, Medium,Large, XL, XXL.
  • Each shirt (no matter the size) costs $20.00 (Canadian currency)
  •  If you are a member from outside of the city, province or country, shipping and handling fees will apply. 
  • You can purchase in multiples of 5, 10, 15 or 20), 
  • or you can purchase an individual A.G.P Squad shirt at the annual Pride of the Northside Tournament held at Londonderry Outdoor courts (7104, 144 avneue). 
  • Tournament Link: PRIDE OF THE NORTHSIDE
  • All shirt details will be disclosed upon initial email order confirmation.
  • A portion of the proceeds from each t-shirt sold will be donated towards the Thom Elniski Scholarship Fund.